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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Helping Build Your Courts

Can you help build your courts? PLEASE READ!

As you know pickleball is growing rapidly in Bend. Even during the winter we now have full courts in several venues - the Boys and Girls Club and the Bend Athletic Club in Bend, Sage Springs in Sun River, Eagle's Crest in Redmond and more. This is terrific!

Of course, pickleball will continue to grow even more rapidly during the Summer...and there we need your help. We have a strong partnership in place with the Bend Parks and Recreation Department to build a much-needed eight-court outdoor complex, with construction to begin hopefully in mid-year. 

But for construction to begin we need to raise half of the project costs...with Bend Parks and Rec. contributing the other half. Our half is expected to be between $87,500 and $100,000. Currently we have 25% of our required funds committed, which is a terrific start!. However, the project will NOT begin until we have all our funds received or pledged.

If you can help directly with a donation (tax-deductible, by the way!), please use either the Pledge form (if you are pledging the money for future payment) or the Donation form (if you are sending a check or credit-card payment now), both of which are links on the list on the right of this post. (The links are listed alphabetically.) The address to send money, which again is a tax-deductible donation, OR to send the pledge, is on both the pledge and donation forms ON THE SECOND PAGE!.

Remember you can get mileage points by charging your contribution to your credit card, so why delay? 

Alternatively, if you or someone you know can contribute a non-cash gift of significant value, please contact me at our club email address.... and I will get back to you. We will be able to use such gifts to help with ongoing events, such as auctions, or as in-kind contributions for the construction of the courts if the gift is that type.

If you would like to be involved in the fund-raising activity in some other way, please let me know. All of us working together is a sure formula for success!