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Friday, March 29, 2013

Join Us in Building EIGHT NEW COURTS!

Join us in building outdoor pickleball courts!

Dear Friend and Fellow Pickleball Player,                                                                           

I got a phone call recently from a friend who just moved to Bend.  I told her about pickleball and she thought it would be something fun for her, her husband and her two young girls to try. And of course she was right since it’s a fabulous sport – easy to learn, great exercise and perfect to enjoy together. But I had to share a sad story with her. There are almost no community pickleball courts in Bend!   

In summer there is only one regulation outdoor court in the whole city of Bend for 600 players to share. With Pickleball estimated to grow by 5,000 players regionally over the next 10 years, the need for more courts is critical.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to build courts this summer and we need your help to build them! Bend Pickleball Club and Bend Park & Recreation District Foundation have agreed on a plan to build new pickleball courts. Eight courts will be added to an existing BPRD park and will be owned and managed by the district for the benefit of the community. The Bend Pickleball Club will assist with programming, lessons and outreach.

The full bill is estimated at $200,000, with Bend Pickleball Club committed to raising $100,000 NOW to build the courts this summer. Pickleball supporters have already donated over $25,000 toward our goal. We need your support today to raise another $75,000 and start building!

New courts will be good not only for adults, but it can help us entice kids off the couch and onto the courts. Along with new Pickleball courts comes a new youth program. The Bend Club is working together with BPRD to educate and promote Pickleball among the young and grow the sport.

With these new courts, the Club will provide training: 1) organized play for all ages and skill-levels, 2) regular program for beginners and intermediates, 3) occasional clinics run by visiting professionals, and 4) at least one USAPA-sanctioned tournament run each year.

Your donation today is critical to help us bring more outside courts THIS YEAR.  Bend is hosting the 2014 Oregon Senior Games, and pickleball is a big part of that.  If we build the courts this summer, we’ll be ready for the Senior Games next year!

WILL YOU JOIN WITH US BY MAKING A GENEROUS DONATION OF $50, $100, $500, $5,000 or whatever you can afford today? Donation Forms can be accessed here. You can also make a secure, tax-deductible on-line donation by clicking here.

THANK YOU for helping getting these eight new Pickleball courts built. Let’s get on the courts and play!


  1. Location of 8 courts?

  2. Wondering how fundraising and court construction is going. Looking forward to visiting and playing. Always enjoy reading your blog. Good information. If you are visiting the Central Coast of California, come play Pickleball with us.