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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Phil's Endless Summer Tourney is Still On!

Phil McCage at Eagle's Crest is gonna hold his Endless Summer tournament for folks next Saturday, September 22. Please refer to the information below and, if you are available, please come and play. Contact Phil directly for more information.

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Come join us in my 2nd Annual "Endless Summer" Fun Pickleball Tournament next Saturday, 9/22 at Lakeside SC in Eagle Crest.
  • Individual signups only to be random matched in round-robin doubles play (Men's, Women's, Mixed). 2 skill levels-mixed.
  • $5 entry fee (cheap!), inc. famous "PhillyMac Brats".
  • Signups at 8:00am, play at 9:00am. Limited to first 50 players.
  • Music, Champions Awards,
 fun, fun, fun in the warm central Oregon sun!!!
(541) 390-6283

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something for Everybody!

This message discusses four items:

1. Results from the recent Albany tournament,
2. An announcement regarding winter play at the Boys and Girls Club in Bend,
3. A review of places to play outdoors in Bend (until it gets too cold!), and
4. The time and place for the season’s last general meeting for the Bend Pickleball Club

 1. A BIG congrats to our “sister” Albany club for their very successful Rally in the Valley tournament. Everybody commented on how well-run it was, how much fun, etc. AND Central Oregon pickleballers did very well there.

Here are the local proud winners:
- Ann Reynolds, Bend – Gold, 4.0 Women’s Doubles; Gold, 4.0 Mixed Doubles
- Bruce Schafer, Bend – Gold, 4.0 Mixed Doubles; Bronze, 4.0 Men’s Doubles
- Craig McCarraugh, Redmond – Bronze, 4.0 Men’s Doubles
- Karen Fellows, Sunriver - Gold, 3.5 Women’s Doubles; Silver, 3.5 Mixed Doubles
- Lee Moore, Bend – Gold, 4.0 Men’s Doubles
- Les Scott, Bend – Gold, 3.5 Mixed Doubles
- Lori Scott, Bend – Gold, 4.0 Women’s Doubles; Gold, 3.5 singles; Gold, 3.5 Mixed Doubles
- Pete McGannon, Jr., (honorary) Bend – Gold, 4.0 Men’s Doubles

Here’s a link which shows a few of our folks (and others at the tournament) on the road to becoming famous. This was recently shown on local Albany TV station KVAL.

2. This is preliminary, but it looks like winter play this year in Bend will showcase a new location. The Boys and Girls Club in downtown Bend will provide the venue. We intend to have three courts there. To accommodate those who have told us they wish to play outside during September, play will begin in October – specifically, Tuesday, October 16 from 8 AM to 10 AM and from 10 AM until 12 N (note 2 different sessions for differing skill levels). Thereafter there will be play every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, again from 8 AM to 12 N, providing play for two two-hour sessions. There will be limits on how many people can be taken each session so that waiting will be minimized. Costs will probably be $5 for non-Bend Pickleball Club members and $3 for members per session. There will be much more information coming out on this but this is to give you an opportunity to mark your calendar. Keep your skills current by practicing through the winter!

3. Other Bend outdoor locations that will probably continue through September include the following. Note this is a list of locations only, not an announcement of official Bend Pickleball Club sessions. Sessions are organized by individuals wanting to play.

- Mt. View High School – (Currently available Saturday AM only. 8 AM until 10 AM (or so). This venue may not be available if needed by the school.)
- Quail Park (off Regency) (one permanent court, one needs your net)
- Summit Park (two courts, utilizing tennis court nets)
- Senior Center, Larkspur Park – (one court, AMs only)

4. General Club meeting – The Bend Pickleball Club will have its last General Meeting of the season. The date is being firmed up but right now it looks like September 20th at the Senior Center from 6 PM to 8 PM. Confirmation or changes will be sent via a separate email.