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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Current places to play now on Facebook!

Cory Jubitz, who is one of us (by which I mean a local pickleball fanatic!), has established a great Facebook page where folks in the High Desert area can connect to find out about the most current places to play. Since our venues are changing all the time due to not having permanent courts, it's virtually impossible otherwise to keep our links to places to play current, so this is a great idea! Thanks, Cory! This is an open group, so anyone can join it...but the only thing is.....of DO have to be a Facebook user to join it. Please check out the link and join this group and stay current on places to play and other pickleball-related events. (The same link also appears "next door" in the column of pickleball-related links for your future use.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mixed Doubles Medal Winners

NOT PICTURED:  Mixed 3.0  GOLD Lynne  Newbauer  Al Burdi
                                Mixed 3.5  GOLD Morgan Lefever   Arthur Galbreath
 Mixed 4.5  Silver Sasha Vervolet  Brad Johnsen   Mixed 5.0 Barb Schnecker  Marc Lechband


Women's Doubles Medal Winners

NOT PICTURED: Womens 4.5  GOLD: Caryn Mccomas and Libby Macklin
                                                     SILVER:  Connie Anderson and Lala Climenco
                               Womens 2.5: GOLD  Anceli Gangan and Vicky Diegel


Mens Doubles WINNERS!

Monday, August 6, 2012


A huge THANKS! to all the many volunteers who helped out throughout the three days of our FIRST (but certainly not last!) Bend Pickleball Tournament. You are legion....but volunteers from in- and out-of-town kept referees on courts, registrations moving properly, tournament desk well-manned, food tables well-stocked, courts well-maintained and clean, garbage emptied, balls supplied, dehydrated players cared for, photographs of all medalists taken, grounds picked up, dogs walked (Spyro and Bogie in particular thank you!), and on and on and on, doing the million and one things it takes to run a tournament. Lisa Palcic, Tournament Director, especially thanks you - otherwise she would have done even MORE herself and we don't want that - we need her smiling!

As to you players, wow!100 participants from five states played and greatly enjoyed the beautiful setting of Juniper Park, the hospitality of the many gracious volunteers, the fellowship, the various things to do in Bend, and on and on...but over and over again we heard how well-run the tournament was, how much fun it was, how GOOD the level of play was! Many of you from the Bend area and from the Bend Pickleball Club took home the "medals" - the beer glasses soon to be highly prized collector items. Again, huge thanks from all of us to all of you participants and ESPECIALLY to the volunteers!

What follows is a long list but it's all medal winners! If you are on it, congratulations! If not, get started on your play year will be here before you know it!

1st Annual Bend Pickleball Tournament Daily Results

Friday, August 3, 2011 – Men’s Doubles

Men’s Doubles 3.0

Gold   -           Jerry Erickson, Salem, Oregon;  Brian Joynt, Salem, Oregon

Men’s Doubles 3.5

Gold  -            Craig McCarraugh, Redmond, Oregon;  Bruce Schafer, Bend, Oregon

Silver -           Brian Platz, Salem, Oregon;   Bob VanderLinden, Albany, Oregon

Bronze -        Don Benson, Redmond, Oregon;  Mel Hatton, Redmond, Oregon

Men’s Doubles 4.0

Gold  -            Steve Franssen, Portland, Oregon;  Tom Cruise,  Salem, Oregon

Silver   -         Craig Palermo, Reedsport, Oregon;  Don Bangs, Reedsport, Oregon

Bronze  -       Bob Anderson, Corvallis, Oregon;  Wai Leung,  Albany, Oregon

Men’s Doubles 4.5

Gold  -            Brad Johnsen,  Washington, Utah

Bronze  -        Lance Thiede, Vancouver, Wa.,  Paul Hoggatt,  Surprise, Arizona

Bronze   -        Ed Obermeyer,  South Beach, Oregon;   Lee Moore, Bend, Oregon

Men’s Doubles 5.0

Gold  -            Steve Paranto, Hillsboro, Oregon;  Wes Gabrielsen, McMinnville, Or.

Silver  -          Brad Johnsen,  Washington, Utah;  Chandler Oliveira, Bend, Oregon

Saturday, August 4  -  Women’s Doubles

Women’s Doubles 2.5

Gold  -            Anceli Gangan, Redmond, Oregon;  Vicky Diegel, Redmond, Oregon

Women’s Doubles 3.0

Gold  -            Janice Patchett, Bend, Oregon;   Emily Wierenga, Bend, Oregon

Silver  -          Evelyn Cooke, Bend, Oregon;  Judy Fettig,  Bend, Oregon

Bronze  -       Sherie Browning, Bend, Oregon;  Carolyn Fournier, Bend, Oregon

Women’s Doubles 3.5

Gold  -            Susie Dougan, Bend, Oregon;  Karen Fellows, Sunriver, Oregon

Silver  -          Jamie Filepeli,  Bend, Oregon;   Viki Perkett, Bend, Oregon

Bronze  -       Edly Day, Bend, Oregon;  Connie Emerson, Sheridan, Oregon

Women’s Doubles 4.0

Gold  -            Lori Scott, Bend, Oregon;  Rhoda Zaph, Casa Grande, AZ

Silver  -          Diane Baumgartner, Redmond, Oregon;  Cathy Holly, Redmond, Or.

Bronze  -       Anne Reynolds, Bend, Or.;  Boomer (Jean) Lambert, Powell Butte, Or.

Women’s Doubles 4. 5

Gold  -            Caryn McComas, Eugene, Oregon;  Libby Macklin, Blanchard, ID.

Silver  -          Connie Anderson, Corvallis, Oregon;  Lala Climenco, Beaverton, Or.

Women’s Doubles 5.0

Gold  -            Barb Schnecker, Bend, Oregon;  Bryn Oliverira, Bend, Oregon

Silver  -          Lisa Palcic, Sunriver, Oregon,  Sabrina Fefferman, Bend, Oregon

Bronze  -       Irene Fraties, Bend, Oregon;  Linda Hoggatt, Surprise, AZ.

Sunday, August 5  -  Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold  -            Lynne Newbauer, Bend, Oregon;  Al Burdi,  Bend, Oregon

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold  -            Morgan Lefeber, Pasco, WA;  Arthur Galbreath, Pasco, WA.

Silver  -          Anne Reynolds, Bend, Oregon;  Werner Zehnder, Bend, Oregon

Bronze  -       Karen Fellows, SunRiver, Oregon;  Paul Hoggatt, Surprise, AZ.

Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold  -            Terry Lavinge,  Reedsport, Oregon;  Don Bangs,  Reedsport, Oregon

Silver  -          Rhoda Zaph,  Casa Grande, AZ.;   Peter McGannon, Casa Grande, AZ.

Bronze  -       Jamie Filepeli, Bend, Oregon;  Wai Leung, Albany, Oregon

Mixed Doubles 4. 5

Gold  -            Caryn McComas, Eugene, OR;  Ed Obermeyer, South Beach, OR.

Silver  -          Sasha Vervolet, Bend, Oregon;  Brad Johnsen,  Washington, Utah

Bronze  -       Constance Anderson,  Corvallis, OR.;  Bob Anderson, Corvallis, OR.

Mixed Doubles 5.0

Gold  -            Diane Baumgartner, Redmond, OR;  Wes Gabrielsen, McMinnville OR

Silver  -          Carol Tripp, Surprise, Arizona;  Mike Rains,  Eloy, Arizona

Bronze  -       Barb Schnecker,  Bend, Oregon;  Marc Lechband,  Bend, Oregon