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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hola from the Huntsman!

We are thinking of you-all while we enjoy the last days of the pickleball tournament here in St. George. This hasn't been a medal-heavy outing this year for most of the Bendites, although Lee Moore did well...I expect we'll see photos from Verna soon...and a few of the folks who have traveled through Bend this past summer also did well. Some of you will remember Sherry Guisse, Sandi Stevens, Steve Arthur, Karin Walton, John Grasso and others...they all made it to the medal podium, representing Bend in part as they did so. We're pleased with all of their successes.

I have heard from others in the group who are still putting together some play in Bend and the surrounding areas. Lynn Haynes checked in to say that she and others have played at the Senior Center, a bit at Mountain High, and once at Joan S.'s home court. Lisa from The Racquet Shoppe says she is working out details of an inter-club winter indoor play league and will have something in place hopefully in the January time-frame. All good news.

I will write more soon about the direction your Board of Directors will determine the club should take relative to finding more permanent homes for courts in Bend and the surrounding areas for next summer. There are options but not all of them are wonderful...still, nobody promised us a rose garden, and if there is heavy lifting to be done (to mix a variety of metaphors), we need to decide what to do, how to do it, and get this party started.

Until then, we continue to think of you all!

We have a Bend Winner!

Lee Moore , our Bend Pickleball Treasurer, struck Gold! Lee and his partner, Steve Arthur took Gold in Mesquite, Nv. on Saturday the 8th in Skilled 3.5.
Lee also brought home a Silver Medal in mixed age with his partner Sandy Stephens on
Wednesday the 12th ,in Pickleball, at the World Senior Games in St. George,
Utah! The Pickleball event hosted approx. 400 players with all skill and age levels from age 50 and up! Look up
Huntsman World Senior Games to see what is happening each year in October here in Utah! You can follow your friends or better yet come and experience this wonderful event! Congratulations to Lee Moore and partners for their great effort!