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Friday, June 17, 2011

What's in a Name?

We are making progress. As of a couple of days ago, we have a "true" local-pickleball email address,, a becoming-active club with a tentative board of directors, rough-drafted bylaws (which will be posted here when finished and approved) and a master list of local players and interested parties. While we won't share the master list openly due to privacy concerns, we will use it to communicate appropriately with members of the club...all of which brings up a question that influences our focus. Currently the small group that's organizing the club has been calling it the Bend Pickleball Club. However, very recently I've been thinking that maybe we should change the name of the club to something more inclusive - as we really are more accurately the pickleball club of Central Oregon or (like this blog's name) are perhaps the Oregon High Desert Pickleball Club, having, as we do, strong representation from Sun River, Tumalo, Sisters and Redmond in addition to Bend and other communities. Yet another interested party has suggested we are the Bend-Redmond Pickleball Club, as that's what the airport and thus the area is known as, at least with some. What do YOU think the name of our club should be? Whatever our name might be, our purpose remains the promote and grow this great sport in our large and diverse area.

By the way, watch this site closely from here on out as play schedules, bylaws, meeting minutes, local pictures of interest and so on will be regular additions. Who knows? We might become your ONE stop for all local things pickleball! And if you aren't sure if you are part of our list and want to be part of our growth, please join us by requesting to be "added:" Just write us at - even though that name may change.