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Monday, August 29, 2011

What are your goals?

Have you seen this guy on the courts? Lee Moore is a board member (Treasurer) of the BENDPICKLEBALLCLUB.COM. He has played many tournaments and this is his first medal he has won! Lee never became discouraged and his goals are to practice and practice and listen to what the more experienced players are telling him! Lee will always have a smile on his face if he wins or loses and will try to help each of you improve your game! If he is telling you to "soften" your game listen ...he has played the game, of hitting the ball hard from racquetball, and finally has changed the way he is playing Pickleball! We are so fortunate to have so many great players that are sharing their secrets with us! AJ , Irene, Roger, Karen and Lee are giving you many tips to enhance your game! Listen and you all will improve! Your goals are important! It may not be to win a medal; it may be to just socialize, to exercise, to teach a friend or to improve your health! Keep pickling and never give up on being your best!

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  1. Hey-- Congratulations to that handsome man!! Hope he doesn't get a big head when he returns to Palm Creek. :) Hi to Verna and Yoda!

    Sue Hepler