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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Lee Moore Treasurer of Bend Pickleball Club!

Meet Lee Moore our treasurer! Do you wonder where your $2.00 donation goes as you drop your money in the "can"? Your donation buys the bottled water, balls, nets, provided paddles, flyers and the blue tape that you see each day that you play! Lee loves to count pennies...just ask his wife! Lee LOVES Pickleball and is available to answer any question that you may have about Pickleball or about the money you are donating! Lee started playing Pickleball in Sept. 2010 and does more amazing shots than anyone I have seen! His feet are off the ground a good portion of the time! If you have not seen him play..go watch him! If you call out the name "Grasshopper" he will smile and look towards you TRY IT! Please introduce yourself to Lee! He loves to talk and encourage any new player!

1 comment:

  1. I believe the name is "Grasshoppah" - with, of course, an emphasis on the "ahhhh".