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Thursday, August 4, 2011

And Now....Bend Pickleball Club SHIRTS!

You have, of course, been waiting with both baited and unbaited breath for your new Bend Pickleball Club shirt, and now your patience will be rewarded. We have received the very first shipment of our shirts, complete with new logos, in Men's Crew and Women's V-Neck styles, in Stay-Dri materials, both shirts a handsome Steel (Dark Grey) color, and both in M, L and XL sizes (sorry, no S or 2/3 XL in this first shipment, but let us know if that's what you want for the next order, soon to come!). We will be offering these shirts at slightly below the club cost, or a measly $20 (plus our cost to ship, if applicable). How can you order them? Email us at and let us know what you want, or, better, show up at Mountain High development Saturday AM from 9-11 and buy them there. Bring cash or checks...sorry, no cards, yet! (Also we will have club-logo pickleballs for your car antennas available at the same event...$2.50 per ball and a great way to find your car in the parking lot while advertising YOUR Pickleball Club!) See you Saturday, or email us!

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  1. Really nice
    Are you going to design new shirts for Palm Creek this year :)