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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet our Pickleball President..Mr AJ Fraties

This picture is to introduce everyone who has not met our President of the Bend Pickleball Club. He and his wife, Irene, have put a lot of effort and time into personally answering each email that is sent to the They do NOT consider this a task it is just the way this couple functions! They both love pickleball and have proven that by sharing their time and knowledge to help this wonderful sport grow! Each one of you that have taken the time to write to the pickleball address have a desire to learn this sport and we are so fortunate to have people like the Fraties and the rest of the board members, here in Bend Oregon, to help this sport become more popular! It is an addicting game as many of you now know! Let us all who carry a paddle spread the word and invite more of our friends and family to come and play!

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  1. These are very nice comments and both Irene and I appreciate being appreciated, of course. That said, Verna and husband Lee contribute just as much to the sport as we do, and to some extent I think that's the nature of the encourages giving back on many levels and it is the ultimate in a volunteer-driven activity because of that. We all learn to love it, and we want to give some of our learning and time back to others.