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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Get On the List!

In this day and age, most of us spend more time trying to get OFF lists than on, and yet I have heard from several of you that you really want to get ON the Bend Pickleball Club list, so as be notified of upcoming events with the club and so on. My take on this is that I should be better about posting upcoming events for the club and for pickleball in general and you in turn should be better about checking this blog site and then the whole issue would be moot. But that's "livin' in a dream world", as my father-in-law used to accuse Irene's mom of doing, and in any event if you'd like to be on the Bend Pickleball Club's list, why, who am I to say "Nay"? So, simply send us an email.... to ....and you'll be one of the select couple of hundred who do in fact hear about stuff in real time. But also check this blog prety regularly...there is stuff here that I really don't send out to the club at large .... no, really....

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