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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Addictive Game with the Awful Name.....

Greetings. This is, hopefully, the beginning of a dialog that might introduce you to the game of pickleball, improve your game if you are already playing, and help you find other places and players to enjoy it and perfect your skills.

Pickleball is a wonderful game. It can be highly social...usually is....and playful, and it can also be intensely competitive. You can play the game in ten minutes but take a lifetime learning all there is to know about it. Click here if you would like a beginning description of the game, and the chance to see if a few photos and clips of the game being played.

We have been addicted to pickleball for about three years, having found it our second year on the road as full-time RVers, and with our nomadic lifestyle we have been able to play from Maine to California and many places in between....and this includes in Bend and Sun River. This year we came to Sun River to play in a tournament, had a great time, stuck around Bend (as we often have done in the past simply because it's such a great place) and wound up first loving and then buying a house, thereby converting us from full-timers to snowbirds, as we still intend to go to Arizona in the winters to continue play our favorite game. But during that time we'll continue to add materials and links to this blog site, and when we are here, in the late spring and summer, we will be looking locally for as much play as we can find, and sharing what we find with you.

SO....browse the site and give me feedback and suggestions about what else you would like to see on the site, and especially let me know if YOU know of more players and places to play in the area. Thanks, and I hope to see you on the courts!